What Pickleball Paddle Does Ben Johns Use? A Comprehensive Guide

Pickleball has taken the sports world by storm, and professional players are at the forefront of this phenomenon. If you’re wondering about the pickleball paddle that Ben Johns, a renowned professional player, uses, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the preferred paddles of various professional players, including Ben Johns, Collins Johns, JW Johnson, Riley Newman, and more. Get ready to explore the feaatures, specifications, and insights into their paddle choices.

What Paddle Does Ben Johns Use?

When it comes to the world of pickleball, Ben Johns is a well-known figure, and his paddle choice is equally intriguing. Ben plays with the Joola Perseus CFS 16mm. This paddle holds a unique status, as it was initially a lab-type project within Joola. Players had the opportunity to test it for a couple of months before its official release. The Perseus paddle boasts the following features:

  • Carbon-Charged Surface: Enhances ball control and spin.
  • Reactive Honeycomb Core: Provides excellent power and responsiveness.
  • Carbon Friction Surface: Maximizes control and precision.
  • Sweet Spot-Optimized Shape: Enhances accuracy in shots.
  • Feel-Tec Pure Enhanced Grip: Offers a comfortable and secure hold.
  • Carbon-Framed Design: Ensures durability and stability.
  • Hyperfoam Edge Wall: Enhances paddle protection.

The Perseus paddle is available in both 16mm and 14mm cores. Other players, such as Lea Jansen and Federico Staksrud, also opt for the Perseus for their games.

What Paddle Does Collins Johns Use?

Collins Johns, known for his impressive skills, has transitioned to the Joola Scorpeus paddle. This signature paddle, available in both 16mm and 14mm cores, is the official choice of Collins Johns and Anna Bright. The Joola Scorpeus paddle offers a unique blend of power and control, making it a popular choice among professional players.

Joola Hyperion CFS 16 Graphite Paddle

Before using the Perseus, Ben Johns was often seen with the Joola Hyperion CFS 16 Graphite Pickleball Paddle. This well-regarded paddle features a carbon fiber surface and offers excellent performance on the court. Many pros, including Ben Johns, have embraced this paddle, making it a common sight during competitive matches.

Joola Hyperion CFS 16 Graphite Paddle

What Paddle Does JW Johnson Use?

JW Johnson has made a name for himself in the pickleball community, and his paddle of choice is the Franklin Carbon STK Tech Pickleball Paddle. Available in both 14.5mm and 17mm dimensions, this paddle boasts a carbon-fiber surface layer that enhances spin and ball control. With its enhanced polymer core, the Carbon STK Tech paddle strikes a balance between power and control, making it a favorite among players like JW Johnson.

What Paddle Does Riley Newman Use?

Riley Newman’s paddle choice has recently shifted to the Takeya Titan Elite 14L pickleball paddle. This change follows his previous use of Gamma paddles. Riley’s commitment to his game is evident in his choice of equipment, and the Takeya Titan Elite is designed to meet the demands of professional players.

Pickleball Paddles That Other Pros Use

The world of professional pickleball is filled with a variety of paddle choices. Players like Tyson McGuffin, Matt Wright, Lucy Kovalova, Callie Smith, and many others have their own preferences when it comes to equipment. These choices reflect the diverse needs and playing styles of professional players.

Final Thoughts

While the pros’ choices of pickleball paddles are intriguing, it’s important to remember that the best paddle for you depends on your playing style and preferences. The top-tier paddles used by professionals provide a starting point for finding the right equipment to enhance your game. Whether you’re drawn to power, control, or a balance of both, there’s a paddle out there that suits your needs.

Questions for You

  1. Paddle Preferences: Have you tried any of the paddles mentioned in this article? What were your experiences with them?
  2. Paddle Shopping: Are you considering purchasing a new pickleball paddle? Share your thoughts on the factors influencing your decision.
  3. Game Enhancements: How has your game improved since you started using a specific paddle? Share your insights and success stories in the comments below.

Remember, the right paddle can make a significant difference in your pickleball journey. Happy pickleballing!


What is the unique feature of the Joola Perseus paddle?

The Joola Perseus paddle stands out with its carbon-charged surface, which provides exceptional ball control and spin. Its reactive honeycomb core offers a perfect blend of power and responsiveness.

Who else uses the Joola Perseus paddle?

Other players like Lea Jansen and Federico Staksrud also opt for the Joola Perseus paddle due to its impressive features and performance.

What paddle has Collins Johns switched to?

Collins Johns has switched to the Joola Scorpeus paddle, available in both 16mm and 14mm cores. This paddle offers a unique balance of power and control.

Which paddle did Ben Johns use before the Joola Perseus?

Ben Johns previously used the Joola Hyperion CFS 16 Graphite Pickleball Paddle, a popular choice among pros due to its carbon fiber surface and excellent performance.

What is the key feature of the Franklin Carbon STK Tech paddle?

The Franklin Carbon STK Tech Pickleball Paddle boasts a carbon-fiber surface layer that enhances spin and ball control, making it a preferred choice for players like JW Johnson.

What recent change has Riley Newman made to his paddle choice?

Riley Newman has transitioned to using the Takeya Titan Elite 14L pickleball paddle. This change follows his previous use of Gamma paddles.

How should I choose a pickleball paddle?

When selecting a pickleball paddle, consider factors such as your playing style, preferences for power or control, grip size, and core thickness. Testing different paddles can help you find the one that suits your game best.

Do professional players exclusively use sponsored paddles?

Many professional players have paddle sponsorships, which means they use specific brand-affiliated paddles. However, the best paddle for you may not necessarily be the one used by a professional player.

How can I improve my pickleball game?

Improving your pickleball game involves practice, technique refinement, and using equipment that suits your style. Choosing a paddle that aligns with your strengths can contribute to your overall performance on the court.

Are the paddles mentioned suitable for all skill levels?

While the paddles mentioned are top-tier choices, their suitability depends on your skill level and preferences. Consider factors such as grip size, weight, and playing style when choosing a paddle.

Where can I purchase these pickleball paddles?

You can find these pickleball paddles at sporting goods stores, online retailers, and specialized pickleball equipment websites. Make sure to read reviews and gather information before making a purchase.

Can I achieve the same level of play as the pros with these paddles?

While using the same paddles as pros can enhance your game, achieving their level of play requires dedicated practice, coaching, and experience. The right paddle is just one aspect of the equation.

How do I know which paddle is best for my playing style?

Experimenting with different paddles, considering your strengths and weaknesses, and seeking advice from experienced players or coaches can help you identify a paddle that aligns with your playing style.

Are there other paddle options available for players not mentioned in the article?

Yes, there are numerous paddle options available from various brands. The paddles mentioned in the article are just a selection of those used by professional players. Exploring different options can help you find the perfect fit for your game.
Remember, the right pickleball paddle is a personal choice that can significantly impact your playing experience. Take your time to explore and find the one that suits you best.

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